In the tiny unincorporated town of West Lima, Wisconsin, Xexoxial Endarchy, Ltd. owns, among other properties which serve as facilities for "Dreamtime Village" & other projects, a one-acre lot in the center of town which was historically the "town square." As a public art project we have begun to design for this site The Driftless Grotto of West Lima, a village park environment that will be part fantasmagorical roadside attraction, picnic area, permaculture demonstration, sculpture garden, & shrine to the Driftless Region. Special features of the finished Grotto will include

1) A stone-pillared concrete & blue-glass bottle archway entrance;

2) Mosaiced fence around the perimeter of the square;

3) A vernacular futuristic tower housing a Jules Verne-style "time machine" which will be operated by the movements of live birds inside a heated aviary;

4) Carved & painted remains of a dying 200 yr-old willow tree in the lot;

5) Flow-form water fountains & birdbaths & picnic benches; &

6) A web of tunnels inspired by & emanating from the extant remains on the lot of an old basement & a cistern which local folk tell us was literally the town watering-hole & weekly gathering place many years ago.

7) A bog garden of endemic carniverous pitcher plants.