Quantum-Eschatological Rant in unsyncopated metempsychometaharmony

by Nicholas Edwards
From Talkingmail 6, Summer 1994

Self-destructive shifting of the narrative ...needlessly lost hours slacking in coffee shops, sweating the city toxic summer surreal. This is an urgent message to the thousands of genx lost generation hypermondo 20 somethings bored to death in suicidal deathculture city salon, the panoptic paranoia bites into the tumor that is devouring it and uses the poison therapeutically on a cancerous culture. . Renounce the babylon downtown slave wage labor shell of the city! Escape to the country. Realize your inner passions in the shade of a brook, babbling...

a call to the counterculture kept locked in workaday television hallucination of late capitalist post modern shadow of civilization. tripping at lollapalooza with 40, 00 dead heads is not nirvana. The city is dead. The morbid robot suit shuffle is ruining your empathic harmony. The monoxide streets breath noxious nihilism.

Billions of years of nature's evolution went into the expressions on their faces... they are the pinnacle of organismic materiality.

A million villages exist, lonely, empty, elemental caretakers wait, a million old schools, far from the sprawl. Every bodies talking, but noone says a word. Form affinity groups, plan your escape, buy old trucks and fill them with the city's excrement with with to build your county escape. Burn your worthless papers and possessions and mold art out of the ashes. Spread your student loan checks out to sea, bury the economic net, slimy with debt.and death. This is the frontier, there requires balance, surfing the cyber, crashing corporate waves Forget credit and debit, and shed it, . become invisible, then recreate your other, body without organs, cyber self, warehouse of credit info and tracking information, annihilable your barcode, take back your identity and make yourself a millionaire, hack yourself into delirium, travel the backroads as a caravan of post industrial mistrals, electric cyber,, ecstasy test...make raves in caves and mountains live life as cheap performance art, eat berries and nuts from the corporate food bins, find abandoned buildings in the woods, lost ghost towns, hang on and hide out, create your own destiny, travel with at least 23 comrades, load and cock your cameras, broadcast sound and image within a 5 mile radiuses, jam the industrial vortex, retake the airwaves, broadcast chaos, disrupt the spectacle, eat the spectacle and spit it out through on board avid, dat the birds in the morning and internet it by afternoon, drink herbal teas, hear the scream of the mandrake and lick the flesh of the gods, charter astral planes, tour the globe and create hemp farms in eastern europe, revive biodeversity, occupy and take over universities, create crop circles from the heights of invisibility .

I repeat. this is an quantum eschatological announcement.

suicide death culture will only keep you a bummed out wannabe groupie. the brain the mind the body the consciousness-ness are verily paralyzed, there is nothing new in the tv, horatio,

build real things with real nails, , jerry garcia was a fbi agent, the kool aid was laced, white corporate rock hypnotized and alienated the generations to follow, corporate country sucks even worse, depression vibes 24 hours a day and hourly updates on the WARS and other disasters. Mother earth is vomiting her acidic guts all over and under.. The midwest will rise back to the size of the himalayas. stop eating corporate garbage, grow food on your roof, design new and better orgone accumulating floatation tanks. go door to door along country roads asking advise on which socks to wear, or whether to wear them at all. advertising is a hallucination, the fake soma of bleeding, eating, shitting industry, the great beast the octopus, spreading it's tentacles into your living room and into your soul, you are being shot with cathode ray guns inside your television, we are all experiments, we may not even exist.. david koresh really was the messiah, the end is already over, janet reno, may or may not cALL A STATE OF EMERGENCY TOMORROW. just because you're paranoid don't mean they're not after you, (artaud/cobaine, rimbaud/nerval) the war is always happening, it has since anyone can remember, paradise is a dead book of the past, the garden is overgrown and will soon be clearcut to make way for more suburbia/samsara... jove has felt the blast of apocalyptic, quantum leap frog, sagittarius and pisces watch out. Patriarchal kulture is the church is the state is the industry. Violent youth is the inevitable result of capitalism.. money isn't real. crop circles and ELF radiation are. Build your own anti gravity devices and take over the nazi bases on the moon and mars, find tunnels leading to the great subterranean chambers where the gnostic zen-anarchist cyberlords live in caves packed in computers.ond organic swiss chard... gross breed hemp and cudzu, , plant trees in abandoned lots, make teepees and recycle everything you find. stop the flow of pharmaceuticals and pesticides from the people, take back the drug trade from the CIA, destroy the fbi computer system, pour chocolate milk on the motherboard. plagiarize and edit yourself to stardom, have at least 10 monologues ready at all times, think about why the fbi burned the wacos to annihilation, explore quantum eschatology, reinvent general semantics, i don't know which is worse the deadheads or the college kids...project images of slaughtered cows and lambs onto beige bank buildings in small towns, use a bullhorn to make your point, steal old cb's and find other autonouimomous bands on channel 23, meet on the interstate and form convoys, stop city traffic for hours and proceed to pass out photocopied 100 dollar bills wile dancing to negativeland covered in purple paint. relieve yourself in the gutter, shoot all cops on sight with video cameras, broadcast constantly on any channel you desire. explore mountains and befriend hillbillies, and beatniks, sunbathe on top of moving vehicles, , feel the wind in your face. E-mail the president and ask him why he's been on thc pills most of his life, kidnap the illuminati and hold them for ransom, destroy government, ignore authority, run naked into the woods, , wake up and most importantly, have fun...

Nicholas Edwards is a professor of quantum eschatology and pleadian metempsychosis at the bender hollow phalanx, an experimental Fourier community lost in the woods near dreamtime village. You may e-mail him at e@truffula.net.