We like visitors, and are content to show you around, answer questions, feed you, inspire you, and put a shovel in your hand. We ask for a donation of $8 per night, which helps with our expenses (but we don’t turn people away for lack of funds.) Bring some food, a sleeping bag, a phone card and an open mind. Please write, call or email ahead of time. We discurage people arriving unannounced, so it's better for us if you can schedule your visits ahead of time. If you'r intrested in comeing please email us for drections. We encourage you to help out with Dreamtime projects every day while you're here. Some examples include mulching and weeding the garden beds, feeding the chickens, cooking dinner, harvesting fruits and veggies, pulling nails, stoking the fire and chopping firewood. Perhaps we’ll need your help with specific projects like stone masonry, mosaic work, building a cold-frame or painting a mural. We do other things here like book making, paper making, gourd craft, playing music, ceramics and wood turning, so there are always projects like that to do too.