The Permaculture wiki is an interactive webspace that any user can browse, edit or input information and graphics. It is always an on-going project which is never finished. Most of Dreamtime's contribution so far has been in the Plant area.

Hyper Wilderness / Hyper Culture is an essay by mIEKAL aND written in the late 90's recounting a series of waking visions about repairing a planet in genetic crisis. This originally appeared in the book Avant Gardening; Ecological Struggle in the City and the World edited by Peter Lamborn Wilson & Bill Weinberg.

All Gourds by Elizabeth Was (Lyx Ish) and mIEKAL aND. Gourds are the world's first plastic & historically cultures have been built around all the possibilities of its use. This article is a good introduction to getting started with growing gourds.