Dreamtimers on the Net

Welcome to JOGLARS, the experimedia world of Miekal And, Maria Damon, Allegra Fi Wakest & Malok. This cybergarden is growing with visual poetry, hypermedia, animation, & noise.

Hakim Bey is instrumental in the theory & formation of Dreamtime.
Or here is a fairly comprehensive site of his writings.

Eddy Nix has put up pages about Burrow's Cave, a mysterious cave in southern Illinois that thousands of rocks inscribed with markings & glyphs from numerous prehistoric cultures. (Link currently down.)

Filmmaker Micaela O'Herlihy makes stunning 16mm films & has recently put online her site Her film THUNDER PERFECT MIND premiered at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival .

Lamont McPheron has recently moved to Dreamtime & is a practicing teacher of Tai Chi and Chi Kung. His website is at


Global Ecovillage Network is the portal into the world of intentional communities with links to The Farm, Findhorn & a number other communities.

Online List of Intentional Communities

Designing with Nature

In 1992 we brought Michael Pilarski & Chris Evans to Dreamtime to teach a Permaculture Intensive. They were instrumental in getting us to start thinking in terms of observing & designing with nature. Michael has recently written an incredible book on Forest Restoration & is the director of Friends of the Trees. Access to most of his resources are available online.

What do we do with those millions of tires piling up? Why you build them into earthshelters. Michael Reynolds is an architect famous for popularizing this notion & he has given the name EARTHSHIPS to houses built out of tires, aluminum cans & other recyclables.

One of the most impressive small-scale permaculture projects is a collective garden in Cornwall, England called Plants for a Future. Oriented toward perennials, ethnobotany, & extensive experimentation with unusual & forgotten edibles.

healing ourselves ourself

Have you ever paid lots of money to have a doctor or hospital treat a symptom & then discovered that the symptoms are actually warning signs that nutrition, health & lifestyle choices are out of balance. Patch Adams is a clown/MD famous for his simple approach to healing. "Laughter is the best medicine." Gesundheit Institute! is a permaculture wellness community in the making.

the paradigm shift

The paradigm shift begins with having a new way to think about the human experience & the nature of its connection to the larger world. Terance McKenna is one of the most elegant (or elfin) spokespeople.

experimental literature & invented language

electronic poetry center is SUNY-Buffalo's mega mega experimental poetry center. Access to electronic text, live readings via IRC, audio samples of sound poetry & a who's who of poet's pages.

burning press is the energy nexus for the various visual poetry & text-based projects of Luigi Bob Drake.

Klingon Language Institute is just that. Excellent example of the possibilities of new languages. Comprehensive.