the conservation of the anarchist spirit-state

If we take as given, the assumption that otherground media is the element of noise in big brother media's stream of information & that such noise introduced to a system provokes changes & distortions; & that the accumulation & collectivization of these cells of noise will slowly erode the consensus quo. Then, isolated individual information cells will eventually snowball into a global information avalanche. If sides are drawn & there is an us-media & a them-media, then each is a metaphor for the other. If ambiguity is pervasive then the combined spectacle is theatricalized. Being such inefficient human animals we can only hold our breath underwater (read underground) for so long. We cannot expect to seize the media from the deep dark recesses of the underworld. We must inhabit the media with a polymorphic & long-lived presence.

In the dreamtime of the hyperculture, there can be no single line of thought, no immanent thread of action but a simultaneous enlivening of all networker cells & the suggestion of unlimited possibilities. In a state of oppression the dream is an escapist relapse but once the motive for activity has expanded into the unthinkable on its own accord, in its own time & power, a vision of hyperculture will appear that doesn't appear so chaotic & fragmented. Instantaneous access to the growth of information. Cassette, computer, copier, fax, telephone, radio, cable TV, satellite, tourism, festivals. Already cheap technology access to the electronic smorgasbord is widely available in western countries. Just as the corporate information machine can manufacture influence over us, we can register our opposition by publishing images, data & sound, by dragging the monolith down & replacing it with ten thousand different & contradictory realities.

We can begin to understand hyperkulture as a fully integrated ecological, biological system. As with any system, the chaos, noise & disintegration are organically inseparable from life & creativity. Only since the pasteurization of science & art has our understanding of information & events been dictated by aesthetic taste. This is the cultural mentality left from the age of imperialism. Divide, conquer & place the known universe inside a specimen jar. With the advent of info technology all that has really changed is that social power is a result of the exploitation of information, where in previous ages it was people & land that were victimized.

Hyperkulture has a unique status in the mainstream world view. From its point of view, it regards all forms of marginalized dissent & experimentation as PURE NOISE. & consequently non-processed information has no value or use. (Or so they think!) There are those whom argue that it doesn't matter how radical or "noisy" the media; it will nonetheless be coopted by the mainstream as mere curiosities & eccentricities. This may be true in the short term but most of the undermedia lives on. If fact, because those on the periphery are perennially ignored, the culture of otherness has unlimited territory in which to evolve (or mutate) in isolation. Not an isolation of removal & quarantine but a high-powered isolation in the midst of the barrage, in the eye of the hurricane.

The ability to accept and understand noise as untapped resource will enable all hypernauts to install the mechanism which will eventually replace the genericized 2-dimensional view of information & events. It is a mistake to target the mainstream for seizure & overthrow when it has become painfully obvious that the imperialistic mentality which constructed the prevailing information conglomerate also planted the seeds for its entropy & eventual destruction. It cannot & will not be able to contain the natural diversity of the globe.

There are several relevant axioms perpetuated by permaculturalist Bill Mollison. "The problem is the solution." / "Make the least change for the greatest possible effect." / "The yield of a system is theoretically unlimited. The only limit on the number of uses of a resource possible within a system is in the limit of information and the imagination of the designer." / "Everything gardens, or has an effect on its environment." / "Work with nature, that we assist rather than impede natural developments."

According to the Gaian hypothesis the earth is a self-regulating organism. Can the same be said of information? Does it lead a life of its own or is it merely a disposable by-product of culture? If we continue the analogy of agriculture, can the information glut be composted & recycled? Wait a minute! For centuries artists scientists & inventors have been reusing the detritus of society for their own benefit. Further, by maintaining a consciousness of infinite hypertextual links between all information, the fragmentation & oppression of our daily lives can be reordered into a meaningful globally oriented lifestyle.

In the dreamtime of the hyperkulture, milleniums pass without the continual division of action into specialization & virtualistic ego-play. In some traditional African cultures there is no separate word for music, dance & planting. The impulse to fragment the radical media / information interface by terminology is certain deevolution. To sustain the info/action/object dialectic, bury your roots deeps into the global information matrix & ....